Custom Clearance

  • Waves Multi Service Co.

    We make your Import and Export Simple.
    We provide our clients with fine-tuned service in all fields concerned with custom clearance. We place our experts in trading procedures, international transportation, cargo tracing to ensure fast and easy customs clearance through all ports of the Egypt.
    We make sure your goods are cleared, delivered and in your hands as soon as possible in good condition. Thus, import-export cargo forwarding is carried out utilizing land, sea and air as well as quick custom clearance work. The distribution related to trading is not only transportation and storage of commodities, but also various processes such as custom clearance, documentation, authority procedures and banking.
    We possess much knowledge in trading, fostered by many years' experience. We save time and energy through integrated services that match user needs, and offer optimum distribution to international businesses. Our qualified professionals are ready to help you with new policies and latest news of the import requirement.

  • Custom Clearance Services Include:

    • Pre-clearance approval.
    • Free zone, transit, Draw back and temporary import clearance.
    • Comprehensive services in the Egypt through all ports.
    • Examination of shipment by custom authorities.
    • Notification our customer with any changes in custom regulation/duty as well the latest events in Custom Tariffs.
    • Management of imports and exports via land, sea, and air.
    • Duty and tax calculation.
    • Custom Documentation and Preparation of local documents.(whatever the required document are , we will be ready to handle it).
    • Handel liquid non IMO goods in flexitank
  • Cargo Consolidation Services:

  • We also facilitate cargo consolidation (By Air/Sea) for our customers which includes the transportation of cargo to the stuffing point, stuffing of cargo in container(all kinds), custom process of shipping documents, use of Premium Air / Shipping  lines and we make sure that the cargo will reach at the respective destination well before the time given by our reputed customer. We follow very carefully all the important shipping instructions given and take care of cargo by warehousing it until the shipment is physically effected.

    In addition, our import staff is continuously trained to ensure absolute compliance in every transaction.